I’ve recently been thinking about how we capture things. I’m not quite talking about things like mediums like tape vs. PT, mic placement, or anything like that. More why/how. 


Back when there were no recordings you had to go see someone perform a tune you love or you struggled along at home without an education on your piano, trying to remember how THEY play it. And if you were not of money then there was very little music in your life. Sure there was the radio but that didn’t really come into view until later and they were expensive too.

Then recordings. And this is where I started thinking: is what I do, in a way, bad for music? Is it similar to how certain Native American tribes believe that a photograph will steal your soul? I bust in, use some devil magic to recreate something that only happens once to be played back at another moment in time. Is that right?

I remember hiking to this spot, real beautiful and shit. It took hours. I was about to take a picture when the other person I was with asked me why I was going to do that, after I spent hours, sweating, hiking there. It’s beautiful because it’s here now, maybe the photograph degrades the moment. Maybe the recording degrades the music?

Do I care?


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